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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wed Nov 30th


"Its not really an asylum"
" ....nobody just bit off their finger"
"Its not really a zoo"
"....someone doesnt come around to feed you"

Randy and Jason Sklar Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic

**"Today we welcomed brothers Randy & Jason Sklar whose show Cheap Seats is on every weeknight on ESPN classic.
Then Johnny Knoxville and his cousin Roger Alan Wade paid us a visit too.
There was moonshine.
Tomorrow? Covers. All covers. Plus Penelope Spheeris will be our guest!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tattoosday Nov 29th

Angelo Moore from Fishbone.

Tom from Rubes Tattoos was supposed to ink Angelo but ends up putting a fishbone logo on Dicky.
( Angelo got there a bit too late and couldnt decide what to have done )
( Dicky and Angelo were at one point going to be inking Tom !!!! )

"Is it 'Party at Ground Zero'"

"You people need to learn your Fishbone history"

Angelo Moore from Fishbone came to visit.
Tom Tilden from Rube’s came to tattoo.
We got a new book with Million Dollar ponderable questions in it.
Everybody had fun. "

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Nov 28th

"I had to put on a light sweater"

"A nice turkey sandwich"

Liz "Do you want to guess who was third"
Dicky "No"

**"Today Dicky hosted author Marian Fontana whose book “A Widow’s Walk: A Memoir of 9/11″ — truly a fascinating book."

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tues Nov 22nd

"Its 7am .. you're on Indie Radio" .. and listening to Alices Restaurant

Tennessee Dave
from Vintage Tattoo

Beau Bridges phoned in about his appearring on "My name is Earl" tonight.

"Doors lead singer ,Jim Morrissey"

Chuck "What does the 'in' stand for "
Liz " All the reports say that"
Dicky "Ah, thats Liz saying , 'I dont know" "

Ringers director and others

"on Dickys own network ABC"

Today , The day Kennedy was shot and also the last Nightline.
"Morning radio host then civic leader"
"Mayor of Monrovia"

"Geddy Lee gave us a song for a buck"

"I dont really follow sports" " I thought not"

**"Another remarkable Tattoosday. Tennessee Dave came in and tattooed our guest Cliff Broadway, who is one of the forces behind the fascinating new doc RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS which is actually all about those who follow Lord of the Rings and Other Things Tolkein. Carlene Cordova, Jeff Marchelletta & Tom DeSanto joined him in the studio to chat about the film, and their DVD is being released by Sony today. Beau Bridges phoned to let us know about his stint on My Name Is Earl this evening, and Mike from the band Channel Three gave us a ring as well."

Monday, November 21, 2005

Mon Nov 21st

**"Hello all. Today Dicky brought in fascinating punk Buddhist author Noah Levine whose book “Dharma Punx” is in bookshops now. Last Thursday witnessed another unforgettable visit from our own Super Dave Osborne, infamous jester."

Friday, November 18, 2005

Thurs Nov 17th

Super Dave Osborne

Liz tries to do news from New York.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wed Nov 16th

**"Today Dicky welcomed the very funny CARLOS ALAZRAQUI from Comedy Central’s hit series RENO 911 (he is also the imitable voice of Yo Quiero Taco Bell…). Also, the one and only SARAH SILVERMAN stopped by to tell us about her new movie JESUS IS MAGIC, in theatres now."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tues Nov 15th

**"Another Tattoosday. Once again, chockablock. Tattooing was JUAN PUENTE from Spotlight Tattoo. He inked TOBY MORSE (H2O) as well as CRAIG LEG from the Mercy Killers. We had JOHN HEFFRON (v funny comedian, won Last Comic Standing) and then two of the OLD97s — MURRY HAMMOND and RHETT MILLER came, played and throughly entertained."

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mon Nov 14th

**"Monday morning…and our station today has been renamed Jesse Colin Young 103.1 fm on account of our namesake’s extremely generous donation of some 5k during the Katrina benefit. We were thus identified all a.m., during which DICKY welcomed the Ontario band FULLY DOWN (playing @ the Alley in Fullerton tonite, Whisky & Knitting Factory tomorrow). Last nite was the closing nite gala/ceremony for AFIFEST2005. Tomorrow brings more guests and even more TATTOOS."

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fri Nov 11th

"actor ELON GOLD (”Stacked”) and musical guests THE UPPER CRUST."

There are notes being updated on the main indie site now so i may copy them here , for archiving/searching, and add stuff or just let this die off.

**"Today Dicky welcomed THE UPPER CRUST, a Boston band of highbrow charlatans sporting powdered wigs, undeniable charm, considerable talent and an armada of bon mots with which they peppered all chat. They play this weekend at Spaceland and at Dragonfly and also performed live this a.m. Then Dicky brought very funny comic/actor (and crack mimic) ELON GOLD from the show STACKED."

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thurs Nov 10th

Danny Bonaduce and Patton Oswalt

Dicky "Big day for me.. i am five feet off the ground.. which makees it difficult to drive"

Oswalt " I could roll a queer with my dice bag"

Danny " I saw Sean Connerys scrotum"

"The bonaduce brothers,.. Patton and Danny"
"ozzy osbourne will be skipping ...."

**"Hilarious show what with the likes of DANNY BONADUCE and PATTON OSWALT visiting Dicky. Still the ticket giveways continue for AFIFEST2005 (listen to get yr freebies) plus tix for Saturday’s KEY CLUB FREE AID LIVE Benefit "

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wed Nov 9th

Cherie Currie (The Runaways) was in studio to talk about freeaidlive . They also phoned Linda Perry and Martha Davis.
Annabella Lwin was stuck in traffic and they didnt get to talk to her till about 9.45. She will come in another day if they can send a driver to help her :-)

Chris Fisher , director of movie Dirty was in.
They phoned the star Cuba Gooding Jr who seemed to have been woken up by them :-)

"Dicky and Chucky the comic squirrels"

**"Chockablock today.
The Runaways’ Cherie Currie came in to tell us about the FREE AID LIVE Beneifit show at the Key Club Saturday…BOW WOW WOW’s Annabella Lwin got stuck in hopeless traffic so had to phone but she will be joining us in the future. Phone calls with Linda Perry and Martha Davis of the Motels rounding out what will likely be a fabulous charity event.
Filmmaker Chris Fisher came in to discuss his new film “DIRTY” …plus we spoke on the phone with pic’s star, Cuba Gooding Jr. “DIRTY” screens at the Arclight tonite and Thurs & stars Cuba, Clifton Collins, Wyclef Jean, Taboo et al. Go see it! Part of AFIFEST2005."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tues Nov 8

"Jen Sincero, author of “The Straight Girls Guide to Sleeping with Chicks” and also “Don’t Sleep with Your Drummer” visited Dicky this a.m….also Morning Show hosted “LOST” co-creator & executive producer Damon Lindelof and Captain Dave from Studio City Tattoo too! more later…listen/win — LIZ

Its 7a.m, its on Indie Radio
Its Tat-Tuesday .....
Its Tat-Tuesday .....
...when you hear the buzz

Its "Tattoo the crew" day .

Captain Dave from Studio City Tattoo

"This is supposed to be the New World. It was better before they voted for whats-his-name" X New World
So true today as well .


"You stopped reading because you got horny ? "
"They get so pussy whipped, can i say that on the air"
"Yes... you just did"

Damon Lindelhof, LOST creator
"I can hook you up with Tivo" "Really ??" " No , i just like to say that "
"Jimmys on to us. The everybodies dead is not going to work. Lets say it is time travel"
"Is it true that you slept with Stacey...."

Dicky " I just got punched by Stacey 4 times"

Dicky " I'd like to thank Stacey,Stacey,Stacey,Stacey,Stacey, Couldnt do the show without Stacey,Stacey,Stacey,Stacey,Stacey,"

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mon Nov 7

"Dicky hosted LISA EDELSTEIN from the hit series HOUSE. The two also discussed a pretty extraordinary organization, WWW.BESTFRIENDS.ORG And this weekend is the BEST FRIENDS PET ADOPTION FESTIVAL (NOV 12 & 13) w/60 rescue organizations and all 6 LA shelters represented so stop by if you can as there as there will be hundreds of animals who desperately need good homes…that’s at Woodley Park in the Valley 11/13& 11/14.

Also in studio on the Morning Show, Arie Posen and Camilla Bell from cool new film THE CHUMSCRUBBER, which opens FRI…more later — LIZ"

Eddie Spaghetti , Super Suckers , phoned in from lovely Seattle.

Talking about doing another "Cover your ass show" before christmas.

Fried Snickers etc. (* NB Sadly this is from my country , Scotland not England. I also remember a place near us that did fried pizza. )

COMMENT: Nice Touch , in the rebroadcast of Jonesys show McG mentioned that Steve had just got a phone call from Lydon talking about amongst other things lack of promotion for the PiL retrospective.
Morning show starts 10 minutes later and , low and behold, 3rd song of the Morning Show was PiL by Pil . Nice touch paying attention to the shows going on around them.

This is consistently the most daring, diverse, interesting and satisfying show on Indie.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fri Nov 4th

Dave Foley ( Kids in the Hall, Newsradio ) on about "The Tribute"
... Married to an El Vette !!!

Also An American Haunting

"DAVE FOLEY on Dicky this a.m. -- he's got a show "THE TRIBUTE" at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. Also JAMES D'ARCY and COURTNEY SOLOMON appeared to discuss their film "AN AMERICAN HAUNTING" which premieres tomorrow at AFIFEST @ the Arclight."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thurs Nov 3

Harland Williams.

"There is nothing a crow likes better than a piece of rotting flesh and a nice ceasar salad"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wed Nov 2nd

"Adam Goldberg & Marisa Coughlan visited the Morning Show today & talked about their upcoming flick: "I LOVE YOUR WORK" (which opens in LA Fri)

Also...Dicky spoke to pop artist PETER MAX -- he's got gallery exhibits in Laguna & Newport Beach this weekend.. more later. LIZ "

( or Long Beach as Dicky kept calling the locations :-) )

The kids were all excited about Peters invite to go do shows from New York.
They were all going to crash at Liz's apartment except her niece is already there.
Another fun show.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tues Nov 1

Baba from vintage Tattoo inked Danny Boy from "House of Pain" ....and Dicky ( "its a b for Beagle" )

Also John Albert author of "Wrecking Crew" was on.