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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rollins: Harmony in my Head

Rollins is back
( MMS was last place he did his show on Indie when the crew took a break )
( When Rollins is off in Australis etc maybe the MMS can take over this show and go wild ,
instead of having to feed in some of the other songs they seem to have to play )

....and it was good !!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thurs Dec 22

( So it seems the mornings are just going to be the normal fill in music.
It would have been nice if some of the classic shows were rebroadcast ie So. Cal Punk, So. Cal Ska , Hardcore etc etc ;
Ah well )

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wed Dec 21st

Last Show of 2005

Dicky " I think i got an ulcer from yesterdays show"

LIttle 8 year old Dickys heart broken by Johnny Damon

"Was it Wile E Coyote ?"

Dicky " I will tell you a story about an M80 off air"
Chuck "If it will annoy Liz it is about animals"
"We had a frisbee"
"We had a dog that liked to catch the frisbee"
"We forgot the dog was there "

Barry Blaustein director of "The Ringer" movie

Berlin came in . Sang 3 songs;
"Down and Dirty ": from new album
Dicky " A mother shouldnt be singing about that"

Dicky "Terri will be singing the song with a snoot full of moonshine"
"No More Words"

Terri before moonshine "WooHoo!"
Terri after moonshine "WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Sang "Rocking around the christmas tree" to end.

Dicky "We end like we started with Bad Brains"

**"Our last show of 2005 - and absolutely one of the best. First up, Dicky welcomed “The Ringer” director BARRY BLAUSTEIN who couldn’t have been a cooler or more entertaining guest. Then, in came BERLIN, with chanteuse TERRI NUNN plus Mitchell Sigman and Carlton Bost on guitars. The three of them treated listeners (not to mention us) to several tunes in studio …including “No More Words”. Really something.
And now, we sign of for the holidays — but the Morning Show will be back that first week of January. In the meantime, please have a happy, healthy, and possibly even joyous holiday season!"

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tattoosday Dec 20th

Super Dave Osborne and his coffee problems

Towers of London in to get tattooed.

Presents !!

**"Another Tattoosday…but em, this one was minus the tats. Although Cap’n Dave from Studio City Tattoo was kind enough to stop by…joining the already ensconced — and one and only — Super Dave Osborne. Also dropping by was hot young scenesters/British rock group The Towers of London. One day before we leave for the holidays…"

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mon Dec 19th

Rudy Casoni was an interesting and funny guest . Liz may never be the same again.
His Album ( s'no balls )

**"A charming boozy loungy and fabulous holiday approaches, if today’s guests are any indication. We had RUDY CASONI on to sing …he may or may not be Siunatra’s bastard child and he was a delight. Then in came PAUL F. TOMPKINS whose PAUL F.TOMKINS SHOW is tonight at Largo…don’t miss this monthly gem."

Friday, December 16, 2005

Fri Dec 16th

"Three words. Rats. in. my. house"

"Whats wrong with my question ? "

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thurs Dec 15th

Musical accompany today by Jeff Babko.

Curt Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets ( wow ) was in and played acoustic
song from new album , Snow.

**"Today, a musical double shot, really. First off, we had the
always charming and wildly talented JEFF BABKO. Then came
former-Meat-Puppets frontman now solo artists CURT KIRKWOOD who has a brand new disc called SNOW from Little Dog Records and everyone played live together (including M. Barrett himself) and thus it was very fun. The calls? Aplenty."

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wed Dec 14th

Jadens Brother

Dicky " I was in a ball team at college"
Liz " wait.. you went to Art school"
Chuck " It was hackysack but it was still a ball"
Liz " Rapidographs pens on the move"
"The fighting palettes"

( That Matisyahu song is great as you can walk away from the radio knowing you are not missing much and go do things like post here :-) )

"Was it U2 .. no i mean U-Turn"

Dicky "I think i am going with Sirius .. i like the little dog logo"
"I forget this nonsense is competition"

Kate Walsh From Greys Anatomy

"Oh no my Teflon House"
"Oh no my Teflon Teeth"

Joel McHale from "The Soup" on E!

Joel (To Liz) "Thanks Stacey"
( Earlier caller had gone on about how funny it was when "you and Shovel" were talking over "Stacey" doing the news)
Dicky " Oh you were listening "

Dicky " I am more concerned with everyones accents today. It sound like i am on Channel triple J Australia"

Liz " i was thinking of not doing this in case you went after it Dicky"
Dicky " Maybe just a little bit"

Dicky "That was Joel .. Liz.. not me"

"I am not going to sit here and let you drag cheap American beer through the dirt. I am craving a Miller High ife"

**"Today: KATE WALSH from the ABC drama GREY’S ANATOMY joined us, as did JOEL McHALE from E!Entertainment’s “THE SOUP”"

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tattoosday Dec 13th

Alex from lostcityangels; redline tattoos (??) and timefreeze studios tattooed fellow bandmate Alex.

Dickys mom phoned in "No more tattoos for Richard.Spread the word around there"

Dicky and Chuck "Do you want to go up to them mountain" "I cleaned ma boots special"
All while Liz reads the Golden Globes nominees. "The lesser awards"

"Oh no a parking lot !! "

Afro Reggae

Tony from the Adolescents phoned in.

Doug Benson came in to see if they really tattooed people or they just made the noise in the background ( also to leave a book for Stacey )

**"Another Tattoosday…we welcomed Angel City Outcast bandmembers Alex and Alex as tatto-er and tattoo-ee.

Then, in came MATT MOSHARY, ANDERSON SA and EVE BELENGER from the documentary FAVELA RISING. with some amazing AFRO-REGGAE tracks."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mon Dec 12th

Funky Monday

Doug Benson in the studio.Giving away copies of his book "The Marijuana-logues"

**"Today funnyman and hempressario DOUG BENSON came to visit & cohost. He’s got a new book out, THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES on sale now…

JON LEAHY phoned to tell us that his band The Broken Remotes is playing tonite at the Silverlake Lounge.

Also SHARK called to tell us that he’s deejayiong tonite at the SPIDER CLUB on Vine to night tio clebrate FRANK SINATRA’S bday."

Friday, December 09, 2005

Fri Dec 9th

I will write up some stuff later ( or earlier whatever :-) )

**"DAVID FAUSTINO and MELISSA BALIN came in to talk to us about a new film (Melissa directed, David stars) called FREEZERBURN which opens tonight! With opening night music from KILLRADIO.

Dick Van Patten’s also in the film and thus, we got fantastic superfancy dog food delivered to us!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thurs Dec 8th

The Donnas !!

Roller Derby Girls !!

Moonshine !!!

Katie Sagal !!

Pepsi !!!

**"25 years ago today John Lennon was shot.

Our guests on today’s GIRLS!GIRLS!GIRLS! Morning Show were
1) KATEY SAGAL, who’s got a show tonight “THREE WISE MEN” on USA.
2) The LONE STAR ROLLER GIRLS who are going to be with
3) THE DONNAS tonight at the El Rey!"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wed Dec 7th

Dicky " This is the loudest chair .."
Liz " Maybe put some UB40 on it .."

Johnny Burton ( Sports guy ) " I dont express opinions much but this is a terrible choice for the Dodgers, he is a lousy field manager and a slow witted Southerner not suited for big market teams"

( .. and he played a request for my Grandads 90th birthday - Dropkick Murphys - Cadence to Arms)

Baja runners were back.
"The chupacabras are out there"
"The locals like to make what they call booby traps"
"Did i say organ on the radio"

Liz "Bud Carson is dead "
Dicky etc "Bud Carson ... NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! .. get the tequila"

Dicky "i dont know why you dont like Wink Lam. He just wants to make a living selling fish tacos"

"Wing does not have whale tacos"

"Fancy goatees on top, beer bellies down below"

**"The BAJA 1000 was here…

What a day for extreme sports and extreme tacos …today we welcomed CAMERON STEEL and NICK MONCURE & their pal SIDEKICK from the Long Beach Racers plus WING LAM, the amazing guy behind WAHOO’S FISH TACOS and ERIC MORLEY from Blue C.
A funny, informative, action-packed and fabulously-catered morning."

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tatoosday Dec 6th

"Foul mouthed" Kayla Jane Danger , also , tattooed by Baba of Vintage Tattoo , ( "Highland Park, somewhere near Pasadena" ) also Body Art Expo.
"Tiny dancer " "its one of my dads songs"

"The worlds smallest woman , shes a key chain according to Baba"

Dicky " If a band doesnt come in they are only affecting themselves not helping the label"
( Some dumbass band apparently didnt come on because of label request )

"The b is for .. border collie, beagle,. Barrett, boobs " "booty" .

Liz "... dead at 42, of natural causes"
"What ?!?" Dicky " I guess i just have a few more years then"

"I'll be the guy with the big head drinking" "I'll be the one in white gogo boots"

"Thanks for creeping us out"
( There should be a special message for people who phone in and say " I found your show through the suicide girls web site". )

"you are not supposed to move the mic"
"We have had seminars about not moving .."
"You are such a tattle tale"

"Hes thinking about the cat-fox"

"I'm going to get the new borneo foxcat , it handles great on the freeway"

"She got an Elton John song tattooed just above her right cheek, Killers lyrics on your arm , spanning the decades with your ink work"

**""It’s Tattoosday! Baba from Vintage Tattoo in Highland Park was kind enough to come in today and ink Kayla Jane."

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mon Dec 5th

Monday , Monday ......

"jackass Sauce"

Mike O'Malley on as well.

( Any show that starts with a Husker Du song from Zen Arcade is a good show already )

**"Funny funny Monday rooted in New England commonality & sharp observation. Mike O’Malley visited. A marvelous & hilarious guest."

Friday, December 02, 2005

Fri Dec 2nd

Tony Alva in the studio with Surf Junkie Jeff

Robert Patrick phoned in re "Walk the line" movie

"Drop in the half pipe which is the MMS news"

**"Today Dicky welcomed skateboard icon TONY ALVA as well as our own SURF JUNKIE JEFF.
He also had a phone chat with ” WALK THE LINE” ‘ s ROBERT PATRICK."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thurs Dec 1st

Cover Your Ass Day !!!!!

Penelope Spheeris "Punk Rock anthropologist"
" Decline dvd within 6 months " :-)

Liz " I will talk about Creed"
Dicky " You are going to depress me more"
Chuck " Now you are depressing me"

Dicky " The Mighty Morning News break that made me want to kill myself "

Penelope " You wont believe Pink as Janis Joplin"

"no juggling sticks, no glow sticks, no hacky sacks"
"..limbo the offcial dance of the Catholic church"
"The last 8 years of that mans life was gerbers and gibberish"

**"Today’s show featured not one but two (2) fabulous components.
1) It was Cover Your Ass Day. The ever-popular, phonecall-flooded show that we do every so often that seems to genuinely strike a rabid chord.
2) The — THE — Penelope Spheeris came to visit. Her appearance was also ever-popular and phonecall-flooded. What an amazing guest. Her new film “THE KID & I” opens Friday (Dec 2)."